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CAP YEI is seeking the services of a learning partner to work with the organization during the implementation of this program by providing an external view of program implementation, results and processes, giving critical feedback and helping identify opportunities for improvement and growth. This assignment has four broad objectives

1. Conduct annual impact assessment of the employability training and support including component: BEST, TVET capacity building, and entrepreneurship and provide feedback through a structured process that will include one annual report.

2. Design and apply tools and processes to assess the long term impact of CAP YEI’s program on Kenyan youth.

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We are seeking the services of a consultant individual or firm to help us set out the baseline for this project by gathering and analyzing both internal as well as external environment data to establish the current position in as afar youth employability/skills training and support in Kenya and in the areas specifically targeted by CAP YEI are concerned. The consultancy will seek to provide analysis against each of the program objectives. The scope will be both national and regional (depending on the strategy and reach identified under each project objective).

The Consultancy will aim to answer the following questions among others:

1. CAP YEI state of performance by the three different strategies: demonstration, replication and capacity building: number of centers, VTC partners, training output dissagregated by gender etc) , profile of average youth enrolled; completion/drop out rates; transition to earning rates etc; efficiency and effective of each and ratio of cost per strategy

2. State of TVET in Kenya (with a particular focus on VTC’s) – number of providers and staff (government, private, other) numbers reached by providers (dissagregated by gender region etc), programs offered; course completion rates, drop out rates, transition to employability rates (jobs, business), transition to further learning; major changes expected in the sector; summary of major challenges faced by the sector and what is being done about them

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