History of CAP

History of CAP-YEI

With successful impacts of the BEST model in India, Egypt, North and South Sudan, there was need to transfer the model to Kenya where the youth of this country also faced significant unemployment and socio-economic vulnerabilities. CAP YEI was started in Kenya in 2011 to implement basic entry skills training under the BEST model as concept test project for five years. It started with two training centers in Buruburu and Athiriver.

Successful enrolment, training and transition of youth to jobs, small businesses, and further education enhanced the sustainability of demand for the training. By the end of five years of phase one, 15 training centers had been operational with 8,911 enrolled and trained. By the end of the first phase of training, 8,663 had completed the training with average job absorption at 76% while 7% had started small business. Overall, 83% of the youth trained had succeeded in engaging themselves in gainful opportunities.

With successful piloting of the project in phase one, MasterCard Foundation renewed the contract for CAP YEI to continue with the training in phase two. This phase started in September 2016 and is targeting to scale up the success of phase one. This phase targets to reach 23,000 youth in Kenya through direct training in both demonstration and replication centers and 39,000 youth  through capacity building training among Vocational Training Centers’ instructors with the hope they could adopt the elements and best practices in the CAP YEI BEST mode. In this phase, we have already trained two batches of 2,893 towards achieving the overall target. 

Cap History

Cap History

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